Journalism and Motivation

1 May
Another Saints blogger working diligently to bring you the truth.

I promise: this will be short.  No self-masturbatory indulgence, or whatever the hell that dude at the back table in the Social Club accused me of last week when I wrote more than he could read in one sitting.

First of all, I’m not a conspiracy theory guy.  Really, I’m not.  But people do things that benefit themselves, advance their own careers, make themselves money.  Look no further than Sean Pamphilon for evidence of that inevitable fact of life.

Over the last two weeks or so, your good buddy John Barr at ESPN rose to fame on the back of an imaginary monkey on Mickey Loomis’s back, was ridiculed by the entire nation, and vanished as quickly as he appeared. 

 It was a ridiculous story that he concocted (and that I will not link to in any form), of the Great and Scandalous Loomis hacking phone servers and rewiring communications devices to learn his opponents’ every secret (evil laugh here).  Never mind the silliness of the very idea that a GM would gain something from gameday communications between staff of another club and somehow use it to his – or his coaches’ – benefit.  Never mind the mediocre-at-best record the Saints posted in home games during the period in question.  To be fair, the Saints did drop to 3-13 when he stopped using the devices (allegedly, says the writer who is full of shit and doesn’t want to get sued), but there were some other factors in play, y’know?

(The least surprising, but most gratifying, factor was the involvement of the not-so-Great Stonewall himself.  We finally found out who the leak was: Tim Landry, some IT dude in the Super Dome or something like that.  I don’t know who the hell he is, and I don’t care.  Whatever.  The real fun came when we found out who gave ol’ Barr Landry’s phone number: Kenny Wilkerson himself.  Yeah, there’s a guy who a journalist with integrity turns to when he needs a source.)

It’s not like this is a new game for Barr or for ESPN – as the Angry Who Dat’s favorite investigative blogger @ReidG75 pointed out recently, they had this little issue at the NCAA level not that long ago that turned out to be a load of shit, and we won’t even get into the MMA stuff here, because I promised a short post, I’m not even to my point yet, and shirtless dudes rolling around on the floor together isn’t my thing anyway.  Reid can tell you all about it – that’s not my niche.

No, I didn’t sit down today to write about Barr or ESPN or Loomis or wiretapping.  It’s a moot point – the charges are garbage, and everyone knows it – even the Legitimate Media™.  Even Barr’s ESPN cohorts came down on his garbage like a ton of bricks, pointing out all the obvious flaws I’ve covered.

Barr is scum.  He was cooking up a story, doing whatever was necessary to advance his career.  We know the motivation – show you are an incredible investigator, become famous, make money.  It’s a tried-and-true formula, we’ve seen it before, and we aren’t buying it.  It’s that simple.

Ok, then, why does the media shrug off reports of the lead bounty investigator resigning his position with the NFL?  NOTHING TO SEE HERE!  I admit, the obvious tin-foil crap is probably just that: crap.  He’s probably not resigning because he has moral qualms about a giant Goodellian conspiracy against the Saints, and he’s probably not resigning because he feels guilty about something.  He’s resigning because he took a new job, and the new boss is holding a spot for him until he finishes his very important work at the league office.  Finishes?  Isn’t the proof already there?  No, stop it, man.  No conspiracy. 

The Legitimates tell us to just leave it alone.  There’s nothing there.  He’s leaving for a new job.

How did he get the new job?  Did he get the new job because of the big splash he made with the fantastic bounty revelations two months ago? 

If so, where does that leave the Holders and the Priscos and the Kings of the world that just a few weeks ago were shouting from the rooftops that nobody at the league office had any motivation to exaggerate or concoct anything?

What makes Hummel so different, so morally upright, that he couldn’t have the same motivation as Barr: advance his career by trumping up bullshit and making a big splash?

I’m not saying Hummel’s full of it, or that anything is concocted.

I’m just saying that this is the hundredth tiny problem we’ve seen with an investigation that, so far, has produced not a shred of evidence available to the public eye.  I’m saying that we have one more guy in a crowd of “officials” with careers that benefit from a huge revelation that results in over-the-top punishment.

I’m saying that I don’t understand why nobody – NOBODY – is asking these questions outside of our tiny little Saints blogosphere.

#Journalism, amirite?

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  1. @ReidG75 May 1, 2012 at 6:25 pm #

    That was a quality dig :-D

    And also, I thought StuJob over at WDSC was accusing me of being verbose. And you know, he’s probably right.

    • The Angry Who Dat May 1, 2012 at 8:22 pm #

      LOL! That wasn’t a dig, bro, I sincerely respect your work. I took Stu’s comment as referring to blogs in the collective sense…but yeah, he’s probably right.

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