Did I Miss Anything?

21 May


I miss you already.


Good grief, did I.  If you didn’t notice, I’ve been out of touch for about a week.  The Caribbean says Hi, bitches!  I needed that.  Although the sun and the sand and the all-inclusive meals were great, I felt a little disconnected from the Nation™.  “¡¿Quién es ese, mi amigo?!”  Nothing.  “¿Que son los Santos, señor?”  Ah, hell.  C’est la vie.

If you’re counting, that first paragraph included three languages.  Hi five?  Anyway, don’t get me wrong.  I met quite a few great Saints fans on the cruise ship (lookin’ at you, Party People™) – quite a few were decked out in black and gold – and a few times I got drunk enough to shamelessly promote the site and the Who Dat Billboard Project.  I hope a few of them are reading this – and donating – this Monday morning.

I’m already back at work, and I’m not nearly caught up enough to write anything substantial (if anything on this blog can be considered substantial anyway), so I’m using my short lunch break to bang out something so everyone knows I haven’t vanished entirely.

First, an update on the Project itself: we’re about halfway to our original goal of funding a billboard for the month leading up to the away game in Atlanta.  As I’ve said before, anything more is lagniappe, but it appears the billboard will be a reality at least for that time frame.  We’re only a week in and making real progress, so keep the donations, and shares, and ideas coming.

Secondly, and I’m excited to say this: I believe you’ll have the opportunity to hear from the brainchild of the Billboard Project himself before long, right here on The Angry Who Dat.  Keep an eye out!

The comments have been popping, and if you’ll notice, I’ve approved everything not spam.  I’ve responded to a few, especially some from those birds from the East, and I appreciate the heated nature of this rivalry every time I read a new one.  I love it – I believe we have the best rivalry in the NFL – and that’s what this billboard is about.  Screw the NFC West.  Screw Patriots-Colts.  They’re nothing next to our fans, and I hope that [most of] you understand that this jab at Atlanta is simply a celebration of that greatness.

Speaking of Atlanta, their ticket offices are releasing 5-game packages now.  It seems to this writer that it can’t be long before single-game tickets go on sale.  Keep an eye out.  Thursday Night Football.  #OccupyAtlanta, amirite?

Back on topic, apparently our front office is moving and shaking, and Drew Brees is unhappy, and OH MY GOD why aren’t we signing our rookies yet?!  More on all that later.

Maybe we’ll talk soon about Brees, and the hell could be going through the heads of the eminent Quarterback Extraordinaire, his agent, and the folks in the front office.  You never know – maybe I’ll discuss just that … on a brand new platform.  Don’t worry.  AWD isn’t going anywhere.  Just – expanding its horizons.

See you soon.  Somewhere.

2 Responses to “Did I Miss Anything?”

  1. Mimi Burlet May 21, 2012 at 2:43 pm #

    The Party People are present and accounted for! And, this site will be passed around…. so be on the look out for more of us! It was great to meet you on the Cozumel party barge! HAHA… WHO DAT!!!!

    • The Angry Who Dat May 21, 2012 at 2:54 pm #

      LOL! I knew the Party People would come through! Nothing like an open bar to bring Who Dats together…

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