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On Social Media

30 Jun

I know.  I haven’t written shit in a week.  Newsflash: there’s nothing to write about.  I’m as bored as you are.

So I’ve spent some of my usual reading-Saints-stuff-and-maybe-writing-about-it time this week on twitter.  Ok, yeah, I do that every day anyway.  Whatever.  Something happened the other day that got me thinking, and I feel the need to write about it, and it’s only marginally Saints-related, and it’s going to be long as shit, and you’ve been warned.

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The SportsJoes Podcast

24 Jun

The Angry Who Dat records his first podcast

Another first for the Angry Who Dat: this morning I joined the Sports Cajun from for a chat.

We talked bountygate, of course, the Brees contract situation, how the fuck Mike Florio became the voice of Saints fans, and what to expect from the 2012 season (hint: not 6-man blitzes with 40 seconds left in a playoff game).

Hit the link below to listen, and don’t forget to follow @SportsCajun on twitter.

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The Casket Reopened

21 Jun

Yeah, so I tried to let it go.  So did Reid, and so did Juge, while Himself admirably begged that we keep pushing (complete with an epic photoshop). 

As some guy named peterpig recently pointed out, I thought I’d reached stage 5 on the Kübler-Ross model of the stages of grief (that being acceptance), but everytime something new breaks (Hargrove’s Ferrell-esque speech, Vitt denying everything), I get kicked back into the first stage (Denial), and proceed quickly to my favorite niche, Anger, and suddenly I’m fighting my way back to Acceptance again.  It’s a brutal cycle, and, it seems, I can’t let it go.

Oh, well – I still accept that the punishments aren’t going to be decreased, and that we’re going to be the “bad guys” this year, but I can’t stop being pissed off about all of it.

I tell you this as part of a long tease-and-link to another site, which I don’t do very often (actually, this is the first time), because it feels cheezy, and I feel like I’m mooching links.  But this post is too important.

Seriously, if there’s anything about the entire bounty story that you’re confused or lost or unsure about, well, SaintsWin has you covered.  And if just one person who hasn’t seen this gives it a read, the time spent to type this up was well worth it.

Please go check this out: the updated, comprehensive examination of the “evidence” as presented by @ReidG75.

Bountygate: A Fan’s Attempt to Move On

20 Jun

Yesterday evening, the NFL characterized the already-infamous “Dog the Bounty Hunter” slide designed by Gregg Williams as “a poorly chosen and ironic example to use, but life plays havoc on us at times.”

Life plays havoc on us at times. That could be the New Orleans Saints’ official motto for offseason 2012.

I’m not writing this to critique the bounty evidence. This has already been done effectively (and humorously) via several media, including Canal Street Chronicles. What I would like to do instead, if you’ll indulge me, is explain my thought process as I absorbed the information, and my reasons for making the decision to move on.

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Open Letter to the Falcons Ticket Office

19 Jun
From: The Angry Who Dat
To: Atlanta Falcons Football Club <>
Sent: Tue, June 19, 2012 12:56:05 PM
Subject: Re: 3 Premium Ways to Enjoy Falcons Football

Dear Atlanta Falcons Football Club,
I bought single game tickets through your ticket office one time because I wanted to see my New Orleans Saints crush your lousy, pathetic franchise in your own house with the semi-transparent roof.  They were available through the ticket office after the season started, which we in New Orleans find quite odd.  You then added me to at least two separate mailing lists, although I did not know it at the time.  The game was not the massacre I expected, although it was quite enjoyable when your stupid coach went for it on 4th down in his own territory in overtime.  That was massively stupid, but not as stupid as these emails I’ve gotten on a weekly basis since.
Your “unsubscribe” link does not work.  Trust me, I’ve tried.  I offered Jonathan Vilma $1000 to take out your servers via twitter, and he refused. Therefore, my only option is to reply directly.
Please consider this due notice that I do not desire to buy any season tickets or five-game packages to that disgusting stadium to watch your stupid team with their ugly little uniforms, nor do I want to look at that ridiculous F-bird logo of yours in my inbox, nor do I desire to “Rise Up” in any way, especially if that means scoring 2 points in a playoff game.
Also, Roddy White is a complete dipshit. Please tell him to stop.
The Angry Who Dat
P.S. That video with Samuel L. Jackson is embarassing to the Falcons, the city of Atlanta, football fans, and human people everywhere.  It would be best if you would stop that immediately.

Bloggers’ Roundtable: The Drew Brees Contract

18 Jun
The Angry Who Dat convened a few Saints’ bloggers to discuss the current state of the Brees’ contract negotiations. Over a 24-hour period The Angry Who Dat, Andrew Juge from the Saints Nation blog, Grandmaster Wang from moosedenied, and @ReidG75 from SaintsWin discussed a variety of topics surrounding Brees. 

Topics ranged from the contentious state of negotiations, Brees’ twitter account, and speculation on what a season without Brees would mean. 

What follows are highlights from a long, rambling email thread.  Trust me, you’ll prefer the Cliff’s Notes version.

Job Opening at the Times Picayune!

16 Jun

Holy crap! Just an hour or two after I posted this, a big opportunity opened up! has posted a job listing for a new Saints beat writer.

Must be proficient in retweeting and demeaning silly, biased Saints fans who don’t know that the NFL always tells the truth.  They “require” a journalism degree and three years of experience, but don’t worry about that – how hard can it be?  I already sent in my application.  I’ll let you all know when they call me back.

For the record, I’m not suggesting that everyone reading this submits their own applications, or tweets the screen shots to @angrywhodat.  I’m also not saying that I’ll retweet the good ones or post them here for your amusement.  That would be very rude to the HR people.  Don’t do that.


“Commissioner Goodell Has Made a Dreadful Mistake”

16 Jun

Those aren’t my words, they’re the words of Jonathan Vilma’s attorney, Peter Ginsberg.  Basically sums this whole thing up, though, doesn’t it?  Here’s a few other things he had to say, all according to Jim Varney at the Times Picayune:, why would the NFL lie, man?

“Unfortunately, what it says to me is Commissioner Goodell has made a dreadful mistake. After what Jonathan and the other players have been put through, to suggest the players are being presented with any kind of fair hearing based on what has been presented today is pure fantasy. […] The thin production today doesn’t link any of the players to a bounty system, and that’s consistent with what we know to be true – there was no bounty system.”

On no witnesses being produced by the league: “That’s because there are no credible witnesses who could substantiate the commissioner’s allegations.”

On the $10,000 Favre bounty accusation against Vilma: “There could be nothing credible about that because it never happened.”

“Jonathan wants to participate in a fair forum. What unfolds Monday is what unfolds Monday.”

What unfolds Monday is what unfolds Monday.

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On “Fanhood”

14 Jun

Took this off a blog complaining about "Real Saints Fans." Seemed appropriate. It's copyright Michael Hebert anyway, so he stole it too. Asshole.


…whatever the hell that means, anyway.

Here’s the thing: I got in a bit of a twitter debate with @ReidG75 of SaintsWin this morning. And damn it, I love twitter, but sometimes 140 characters isn’t enough, and I hate being that serial-twitterer guy that fills up your timeline with long-winded arguments.

So I decided to take my long-winded argument here, and present it in long form. Because, apparently, I’ve unintentionally misled some folks as to my feelings about Drew Brees right now.

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Keeping Score: The Drew Brees Scoop

13 Jun

We all know this: criticizing the media is among Saints fans’ favorite pastimes, especially in an offseason like this one. As the big Drew Brees contract (non-)story broke late last Wednesday and into Thursday morning, I had a good time keeping track of who was siding with who among the Legitimate Media [tm-Wang], and I called it “Keeping Score”. Now, I was just joking – but it got me thinking.

We debate endlessly on forums and comment threads as to who in the media is trustworthy to break Saints stories or predict games, and some are even willing to write legendary, comprehensive dissections of the biggest story of the year. But perhaps we should be keeping score. Let’s settle the debate, once and for all (Yeah, right).

Follow the link for the scoring system breakdown, and my highly subjective and unscientific analysis of the players in last week’s Drew Brees Buildup to Nothing.

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