Bloggers’ Roundtable: The Drew Brees Contract

18 Jun
The Angry Who Dat convened a few Saints’ bloggers to discuss the current state of the Brees’ contract negotiations. Over a 24-hour period The Angry Who Dat, Andrew Juge from the Saints Nation blog, Grandmaster Wang from moosedenied, and @ReidG75 from SaintsWin discussed a variety of topics surrounding Brees. 

Topics ranged from the contentious state of negotiations, Brees’ twitter account, and speculation on what a season without Brees would mean. 

What follows are highlights from a long, rambling email thread.  Trust me, you’ll prefer the Cliff’s Notes version.

 On Brees’ protracted negotiations

JUGE: “He’s been offered contracts. Fair ones. He keeps turning them down. At some point the scales tip to selfish and greedy and that tip is closer than ever to being a reality.”

AWD: “But Drew Brees called off negotiations during the season last year, and ‘to focus on football’ was a load of crap. I think the franchise tag and holdout scenario (meaning: the threat of a holdout) has been the endgame for at least a year.”

WANG: “Why has it dragged on so long? Only Drew, Mickey, Condon and a select few others really know. Did Loomis make a mistake by not ‘getting this done’ sooner? No. Because it’s not NEARLY as simple as just ‘getting it done.’ And all indications are that he’s been trying for at least a couple years now. But it can’t ‘get done’ until Drew is willing to put pen to paper. We now know that Loomis was smart to resist the urge to take advantage of the (since established as mythical) ‘uncapped year.’ God only knows how crippled we’d be now if he had done that.”

On the assertion that Brees is making “outrageous” demands

REID: “Any way it’s cut, the contract is going to limit the team. That’s an inherent reality of employing an elite QB. I’d say his obstinate contract demands are an effort by him to finally get the recognition he thinks he deserves, but has thus far not received (in his estimation). The money is just a way of keeping score.”

AWD: “Brees just wants leverage. If he doesn’t get the deal he wants, I do not doubt for a second that he has the willpower and the dedication to see this thing all the way through. Bobby Hebert, to non-Saints fans, wasn’t just a mediocre quarterback. He was a key player in creating free agency (second probably only to Reggie White). I think Brees sees this as an opportunity to do a similar thing with the franchise tag. That’s just speculation, of course, but he’s a union guy through and through.”

WANG: “We take Drew to task for making ‘outrageous demands’ while at the same time making what I consider to be ‘outrageous demands’ of him (set aside your own interests for the sake of ours.).

Honestly, I really don’t think this is ‘about the money’ per se for Drew. I’ve been thinking for a while now that it’s more about status, about milestones. I think Drew takes his role as a union leader REALLY seriously, and all the tag business and stuff is a HUGE issue for him. I also think it’s really important to Drew for him to be The League’s First $20MM Man.

Think about it, this dude can’t seem to win a goddamn MVP to save his life, no matter what he does. It’s always something. Somebody’s always ‘better.’ It’s always ‘Brady, Manning… and Brees.’ Now it’s ‘Brady, Rodgers, Manning, Tebow(!!!!!)… and Brees.’ He passes Marino and it’s ‘Meh, it’s a lot easier now. Brees couldn’t have done this in 1984.’ It’s always something.

I think Drew knows that being the first $20MM guy is pretty much the only way he’s ever going to get any kind of acknowledgement league-wide as THE MAN. Even if only for a little while until Green Bay gets around to paying Rodgers. Call that petty, shortsighted, superficial if you like. But it’s a historical landmark.”

On Brees’ twitter account

JUGE: “His sponsored tweets are out of control and he does that stuff WAYYY more than any other pro athlete. In a way it insults my intelligence because part of me wonders if he counts on his fans being stupid enough not to ‘get it’.”

AWD: “The twitter account is terrible. TERRIBLE. But it does work. It does sell stuff to the ‘Drew Brees can’t do wrong, and if you disagree you’re less of a fan’ crowd.”

WANG: “I haven’t seen any of the sponsored tweets because I don’t follow Drew (or any celebrity) on Twitter, but I agree that sponsored tweets are obnoxious. Especially for a guy who has as much money as Drew already has, not to mention the giant novelty check for upwards of $50MM he’s about to get. It comes off like he’s dumpster diving for chump change, which is obnoxious, and that he doesn’t give a shit that it annoys his Twitter followers, which is also obnoxious. Then again, lots of people take Twitter way too seriously. If it’s annoying, unfollow his ass. Meantime, I’ve got a shiny nickel that says all that #spon money probably gets thrown on the pile that’s destined for charity anyway. And if so, I respect him for deciding that trumps annoying a few people on Twitter.”

On nuclear winter: a season without Brees

JUGE: “I think the fan base turns on Drew, and the Saints go 4-12.”

AWD: “4-12? No. Fucking. Way. This ain’t the Colts, man. We’d make the playoffs as a 6 seed or just miss. 8-8 kind of a deal. There’s so much more talent on this roster than there was on that Colts team. This offense can carry a mediocre quarterback to a mediocre record. Unless the team’s just plagued with other injuries, it would do better than 4-12.”

REID: “If the defense comes around, a team sans Brees could win 8/9 games. Let’s not forget the immense loss of Payton this season. Losing Brees would be a crushing blow. I do wholeheartedly agree that this team is stacked, especially on offense. At gun point, I’d predict a 7-win season without Brees.”

On a Brees-less locker room

REID: “The one mitigating factor in a Brees-less team is the impact it would have on the locker room. While BountyGate mostly represents a common cause to rally around, the loss of Brees could certainly have a splintering impact.”

AWD: “I don’t pretend to know what an NFL locker room is like, but I don’t think that the situation would splinter anyone.I don’t think players would splinter. There are other leaders in that room that would keep them together.”

On Brees’ relationship with fans in the event of a season-long holdout

AWD: “As for the fans and Drew Brees, I think fans would go full-on Fuck That Guy for the duration of the season. It wouldn’t be 100% – some people even defended Reggie until the end – but a vast majority would turn on him. We’re talking ‘rob a sporting goods store but leave the Brees jerseys on the rack’-level animosity here.”

JUGE: “After a new contract is done a year later fresh off a losing season, we all learn to love him again. Tom Benson was public enemy #1 and he’s somehow managed to get us all to forget San Antonio.”

REID: “Brees will certainly be vilified by a portion of the fan base, but in no way would there be a full scale revolt against him. My opinion is that lots of people would point blame at Benson who, no matter what he does the rest of his life, will always have a black mark on him for trying to move the Saints. That is never going away, and people will be sure to use it against him if the opportunity presents itself.”

WANG: “Hypothetically assuming it didn’t get done and Drew decided to sit out, I agree 100% with Reid that it would blow up the locker room. It would nuke the locker room. It would nuke the franchise. And it would be the last anybody ever saw of Drew with a fleur on his helmet. O-V-E-R, over. Done. Irreparable. Irreconcilable.”


JUGE: “Brees caves. He has to. The Saints are protected by a 1-year tag offer. Brees’ only recourse is a holdout. The Saints’ fallback is a much better card. And it’ll happen on 7/15.”

REID: “I agree that Brees will ultimately take whatever best long-term offer is available to him, even if it doesn’t live up to what he expected to receive. When (if) the judgment comes down stating that this is Brees’ first tag, as I presume it will be ruled, Brees will relent and sign the offer in front of him.”

AWD: “Agree with Reid. Whenever that judgment comes down one way or the other, the losing side will have to relent. It’s still in both sides’ best interest to get something done, and I think the parameters are
set. Whoever loses (I’m no lawyer but I have to believe it’ll be Brees) will have to capitulate. I don’t think the franchise tag issue is over if Brees loses – I bet they’ll try litigation, they have on every other issue – but that can be done with Brees under contract.”

WANG: “I still don’t have the slightest doubt that this thing isn’t resolved by July 16. There’s just no chance whatsoever (IMHO) they’ll let it come to that.”

On Wang’s verbose responses

AWD: “Jesus, Wang. Way to respond to every email in one big fucking diatribe.”

Juge: “Jesus Wang. Good content, but did you have to drop the Anne Rice novel worthy dump on us?”

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    Y’all are all wrong. The new Oliver Stone production of “Goodell” spells out the evil plot of Jerry Jones to destroy the Saints franchise and steal its coach and quarterback. At the end of the film Jones is dead, Goodell is in federal prison, Drew is rebuilding his shattered life as a missionary in Botswana. No one knows where Payton is, but the film ends with a cryptic shot from a Caribbean beach, which suggests that someone came out of it with a shitpot of money.

    The Saints win the Super Bowl when Chase Daniel runs for 99 yards to score on the game’s final play. And they call Oliver Stone far-fetched.

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