The Casket Reopened

21 Jun

Yeah, so I tried to let it go.  So did Reid, and so did Juge, while Himself admirably begged that we keep pushing (complete with an epic photoshop). 

As some guy named peterpig recently pointed out, I thought I’d reached stage 5 on the Kübler-Ross model of the stages of grief (that being acceptance), but everytime something new breaks (Hargrove’s Ferrell-esque speech, Vitt denying everything), I get kicked back into the first stage (Denial), and proceed quickly to my favorite niche, Anger, and suddenly I’m fighting my way back to Acceptance again.  It’s a brutal cycle, and, it seems, I can’t let it go.

Oh, well – I still accept that the punishments aren’t going to be decreased, and that we’re going to be the “bad guys” this year, but I can’t stop being pissed off about all of it.

I tell you this as part of a long tease-and-link to another site, which I don’t do very often (actually, this is the first time), because it feels cheezy, and I feel like I’m mooching links.  But this post is too important.

Seriously, if there’s anything about the entire bounty story that you’re confused or lost or unsure about, well, SaintsWin has you covered.  And if just one person who hasn’t seen this gives it a read, the time spent to type this up was well worth it.

Please go check this out: the updated, comprehensive examination of the “evidence” as presented by @ReidG75.