Falcons Hate Week: An Introductory YouTube Playlist

7 Nov

I offer this as a quick primer; it is certainly not exhaustive of Falcon internet meltdown patheticness. I hope you enjoy. I’m also offering shortlinks for ease of twitter and facebook use.

Let’s start out with a classic. Shortlink: http://j.mp/Uk7TzV

A typical Georgian, this man bitches about his team on the internet and doesn’t even bother to get a shirt first. Shortlink: http://j.mp/RIwTwe

Returning to the #2points fiasco. Shortlink: http://j.mp/UwFRM9 Please note that you cannot overuse the #2points hashtag this week.

This next video won’t allow embedding, but it’s worth going to YouTube to check out. Entitled “Fake ass Falcons fans stfu”, it chronicles the whining of a really sad Falcon fan on the bandwagon nature of all his sad little Falcon cohorts. I almost felt bad for the guy – he’s so sad. But then I didn’t.

Shortlink: http://j.mp/Tw44mN

This next one isn’t a meltdown, but it’s just so fucking silly: a necessary watch to get in the right mindframe for Falcons week.

Here’s a classic. This kid thinks that the Falcons and the Saints are basically even except for a single Lombardi (and that’s about to change). He simply forgot about the last dozen fucking times we’ve played, but that’s ok, because he has a webcam. Shortlink: http://j.mp/XjOG20

This one’s worthy just for sheer absurdity. It seems dry at first, but trust me. This guy smiles and smiles while speaking of various Falcon miseries. Tears of a clown. If you can’t take it, at least fast forward to about 8:55. The kids riding down the little path while this guy speaks of a drubbing by the Chicago Bears without ever actually opening his mouth is one of the most surreal things in the history of Falconry. Shortlink: http://j.mp/T2zpxv

Ending on a positive note: this is fucking fantastic. Well done, sir. “Y’all ain’t beat the motherfuckin Saints in 11 years…but 6 times, bitch.” Shortlink: http://j.mp/SSIaNb