Jeff Duncan Did The Most Jeff Duncan Thing Ever Today, Because He Is A Goddamn Moron

21 Dec

Jeff Duncan is, of course, a fucking idiot.  His latest venture – the weekly pile of garbage that is the “Weekly Reader” – is journalistic idiocy on a pure, primal level.  It contains no real content, it’s a pile of links to shit that Jeffy thinks is “good”.

Jeffy’s been a journalist much longer than I’ve been a blogger.  Somehow, without professional training and decades of practice, however, I know what “this week” means.

Months ago, I wrote my first blog peice.  It was a troll piece – I needed a place to put it where I could use colorful language and not get in trouble, and I had no plans for this thing to become what it has become (that being, some would argue, a really, really long troll piece).

Anyway, here’s the post.  In it I made fun of message board reactions to a Falcon blogger’s diatribe on the perils of persecuting the Saints and stoking the furor of their fans and their seedy online presences.  (Again, I’m not saying he was wrong.)

That Falcoholic blog post appeared on March 23, 2012.

In Jeff Duncan’s Weekly Reader, dated December 21, 2012, he included that post under the heading “THIS WEEK’S WEB GEMS.”

That’s stupid, but consider also: of his six WEB GEMS OF THIS WEEK, only two were posted in the last week.  I’m not the type to nitpick over a day or two – he has deadlines and all that kind of journalisticky stuff.

By combining all the classic Jeff Duncan themes in one section of one post today:

1. Insulting Saints fans and embracing everything they hate
2. Praising what amounts to internet trolling as a “thought-provoking tome”
3. Doing so without adding any real information or content of his own
4. Doing so after everyone already knows about it (Jesus, Jeff, MONTHS)

Jeff Duncan has done the most Jeff Duncan fucking thing in the history of the internet.

Congrats, Jeff. For posterity:


jeff duncan goddamn moron