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Opponents’ Mailbag: Raiders

17 Nov


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My Falcons Hate Manifesto (CSC)

9 Nov

In case you missed it. Go read.

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The Bender in Denver

1 Nov

As previously foreshadowed, I’ve documented my experience on the annual Saints road trip in Denver last weekend for Canal Street Chronicles.

Hit the link below to check it out.

There’s stuff about mountains, and whiskey, and Rebirth Brass Band, and Mile High Stadium. There are pictures too, for those of you who find me long-winded.

Angry Who Dat’s Bender in Denver >>

Aargh! It be time for Buccaneers!

20 Oct

Yep, the team with the stupidest fucking logo and the stupidest fucking mascot in the league are hosting our Saints tomorrow, and they’ve chosen to wear the stupidest fucking uniform in all of sports just for us.

Fucking pirates.  What the fuck.

Just go read it.  There’s stuff about Bucs fans not going to games, and Freeman is a douche that doesn’t throw very good, and lots of making fun of how dumb pirates are as a mascot for a professional sports team.

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The Opponents’ Mailbag: Chargers

6 Oct

It’s back for another week.  At least one.  Shit, this is getting depressing.

Positivity next week, right?  Yes.  Record-breaking 1-4 positivity.  Let’s do this.  As usual, if you think the Opponents’ Mailbag is stupid, here’s some really hot Chargers fans I found on the internet.

If you’re on the fence, I promise some great stats will make an unexpected appearance, and there are whale vaginas, and there’s other languages and I’ll let you know why the Saints might win but probably not, and I’ll make fun of lots of Chargers fans.  Come on, it’ll be great.

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The Opponents’ Mailbag: Packers

29 Sep

Have y’all seen Canal Street Chronicles’ new look?  It’s pretty impressive.  Well done, SB Nation.

The new Opponents’ Mailbag is up, featuring some Packers fans and their dumbass questions.  Warning: if you’re tired of hearing about Most Righteous King Goodell, don’t hit the link.  I only accepted Commish questions on this, the week of Goodell Bowl.  So if you don’t like the idea, here’s a hot Packers fan.

By the way, Green Bay?  The google search for “hot Packers fans” was miserable.  Do something about that immediately.

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The Opponents’ Mailbag: Chiefs

22 Sep

This is a Chiefs’ fan.

Each week, the Angry Who Dat answers some e-mail questions from fans of the Saints‘ opposition. Read on for Episode 3, featuring some questions from fans of the Kansas City Chiefs.


Paul Sarkezy, Kearney, MO: “Dude, let me tell you, this bounty crap is a shame. It’s just not fair that you have to start the season with an interim head coach, while your defensive coordinator that started all this tours Thailand or whatever. We Chiefs‘ fans feel your pain. We don’t have a head coach or a defensive coordinator, either.”


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The Opponents’ Mailbag: Week 2, Panthers (CSC)

14 Sep

Gratuitous photo of hot “Panthers fan” I found in a google search


Episode 2 of my Opponents’ Mailbag series posted this morning on Canal Street Chronicles.  Make the jump below for my answers to some dumb questions from douchebag Panthers fans. 

Big thanks to @SportsCajun for providing perhaps the best Panther fan comment of the week via the SportsJoes podcast.

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The Opponent Mailbag: Redskins (CSC)

8 Sep

Check out my weekly contribution to SB Nation / Canal Street Chronicles’ Saints coverage this year: The Opponent Mailbag.  I’ll answer questions from the opposition’s fan base about the upcoming game, our team, and whatever else happens to be on their minds.

“Angry Who Dat, are you trying to tell us that fans of other teams know / give a shit who you are?”

Um, well…

“Excuse me, Angry Who Dat, but why would Redskins fans ask YOU questions?  Don’t they know that you’ll just make fun of them and be a general dick?”

Oh, maybe they –

“Dude, really, this is such obvious bullshit.”

Oh, fuck it.  Here’s the link.

On This Date in Saints History – July 18, 1990

18 Jul

The jump will take you to Canal Street Chronicles for my post in the “On This Date in Saints History” series.  22 years ago today, Bobby Hebert failed to report to camp, beginning a historic year-long holdout.

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