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Mount Up!

27 Sep

You don’t wanna step to this

I’m not really a big nickname guy. You know, your favorite message board sports thread after thread during training camp in the preseason, attempting to force some cheesy nickname on a team or squad or player. They’re almost always terrible ideas. Lame, forced, based on some obscure pop culture reference or pun. “Hey! Let’s call the defensive line Gus Fring because it’s EXPLOSIVE!”

And 145 out of 147 people think this is helpful, because 145 out of 147 people like Breaking Bad and the Saints, and this thread has both of them! Genius!

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The Case For Rob Ryan

7 Feb

Let’s talk about Rob Ryan.

According to the people who break these kinds of stories (hint: they don’t work for any New Orleans-based media outlet), it’s all but done: Rob Ryan will be the Saints’ new defensive coordinator.

I’m entirely okay with that.

I wasn’t at first, you understand. I hated the idea the very second his name entered the conversation. Why? Well, I think I hated it only because I was supposed to hate it. He’s Rob fucking Ryan, after all. Who wants that guy around? Funny thing about discussing football on the internets: you have to explain your viewpoint. In most media. Whether on a blog or twitter or on a forum, another’s argument – even one that agrees with your view – can make you question certain things. This happened to me recently. I can’t credit everyone, but I can credit the mass chaos of online dialog for changing my mind, bit by bit. Oh, yeah. :bigbow:The Zoo

So. Why not Rob Ryan?

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The Walking Dead

17 Dec

One more week! Just one more, please!

I sympathize a little with the Governor, you know?

This season just won’t end.  Not mathematically, anyway.  Math was always one of my favorite things.  I was an idiot.  This is excruciating. 

The Saints’ playoff chances are fucking walkers, dead but not exactly, something so unlike what it used to be that someone needs to just put it out of its fucking misery.  The playoff scenario is an abomination just because it exists.  It needs to die.  But I love it so much.  I can’t let it go.  Maybe there’s a miracle cure!  It can come back to life!  We have to try, right?

So we do what we have to do.  We don’t kill it, but goddamn, we can at least put a hood on that fucking thing’s head and chain it up in the closet so nobody has to look at it.

Shit.  It’s just so ugly.

Anyway, I reckon we have us about three subjects to tackle this week, in some order.

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Playoffs! I’m Talking About Playoffs!

19 Nov

This person gained well over 2 yards per carry yesterday.

Is that game over yet? What a snooze-fest. Color me bored out of my mind.

Look, it’s great that the defense really stepped up once again. Goal line stands are pretty cool when the game’s on the line, and everything’s all tense, and HOLY SHIT THEY STOPPED THOSE FUCKERS!

I mean, two safeties getting picks in the same game for the first time since 1982 is pretty nice, but neither one really sealed the game or anything – the game was sealed at the first kick.

A win’s more fun when the anticipation is allowed to build over the course of 3 roller-coaster hours. Less so when we know they’re going to win, eventually, all bullshit aside.

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Mixed Signals

7 Nov

First off, I’d like to sincerely congratulate the homosexuals in several states who can now legally smoke pot with their spouses. Yay America!

*Please note: The Angry Who Dat’s political coverage will now cease for at least four years*

“Yay Angry Who Dat!”

Right. So, about that game. It didn’t really make a whole hell of a lot of sense, but it sure was fun to watch the defense just take over a game (at least from a scoring standpoint). It would be easy to jump up and down and proclaim my righteousness for the last several posts proclaiming that hope still existed for Spags’s squad, but don’t worry: you may read on fully assured that no fast conclusions will be presented on the basis of the relative shutdown of the Eagles.

Because, you know, they’re the Eagles.

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All Day To Throw

30 Oct

This rare photo by Michael Hebert shows a Saints defender somewhere near Peyton Manning.

In their last game of October 2011, the Saints fell to the Rams in an absolute debacle. The Who Dat Nation cringed at the Rams’ outplaying of a (supposedly) superior team from New Orleans. They began to lose faith, and many questioned the playoff chances of a team who could drop a game like that in such embarrassing fashion.

And yet, the fanbase would be treated to eight consecutive regular season wins, a division title, and an ill-fated run Deep Into The Playoffs.

See where I’m going with this? You like what I’m getting at? Then fuck off. Not on this blog, folks.

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How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Enjoy The Win

22 Oct

Making fun of pirates is always ok with me.

Yes! Another win in the books. What we have here, ladies and gentlemen, is a bona fide win streak. We can enjoy another work week following a nice, tense victory as only the Saints can provide, and I can get on that plane to Denver Friday morning with a big smile on my face.

Wait, what?

“Waaah! Defense! Waaaaah!”

Oh. So we’re going to actually have to do a little analysis here this morning, are we? Very well. I’ve got a special treat for you this beautiful fall morning. A special guest will join the Angry Who Dat for our Monday review: former Buccaneers strong safety and current Fox color analyst John Lynch. How’s it going this morning, John?


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.200 Never Felt So Good

9 Oct

This shit happened Sunday. Really.

Wow, I have to tell you, that was well worth 43 bucks, am I right? It seems like I was miserable at times during the second half, but in hindsight, that might have been the best game (objectively, regardless of my fan affiliation) I’ve ever watched in the Dome. It was incredible. I try to imagine being impartial and I know I’d say “damn, that was pretty fucking entertaining.”

That game had it all, didn’t it? Two records, one a 52-year-old unbreakable benchmark*, the other a team record that I had absolutely no clue was about to be broken. It had turnovers, good defense at times, great offense at times, big plays from both teams, a back-and-forth affair where probably each team’s fans felt like this thing might be out of reach at some point or another.

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How Fan Are You?

4 Oct

This garbage appeared on late last week:

Let me first say that Saints fans are some of the most loyal in all of sports. We wear our hearts on our sleeves and live and die with the team. But last Sunday in the Superdome was one of the worst performances by the fans that I’ve ever experienced.

Oh, he’s not done yet.

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The SportsJoes Podcast

24 Jun

The Angry Who Dat records his first podcast

Another first for the Angry Who Dat: this morning I joined the Sports Cajun from for a chat.

We talked bountygate, of course, the Brees contract situation, how the fuck Mike Florio became the voice of Saints fans, and what to expect from the 2012 season (hint: not 6-man blitzes with 40 seconds left in a playoff game).

Hit the link below to listen, and don’t forget to follow @SportsCajun on twitter.

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