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Playoffs! I’m Talking About Playoffs!

19 Nov

This person gained well over 2 yards per carry yesterday.

Is that game over yet? What a snooze-fest. Color me bored out of my mind.

Look, it’s great that the defense really stepped up once again. Goal line stands are pretty cool when the game’s on the line, and everything’s all tense, and HOLY SHIT THEY STOPPED THOSE FUCKERS!

I mean, two safeties getting picks in the same game for the first time since 1982 is pretty nice, but neither one really sealed the game or anything – the game was sealed at the first kick.

A win’s more fun when the anticipation is allowed to build over the course of 3 roller-coaster hours. Less so when we know they’re going to win, eventually, all bullshit aside.

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All Day To Throw

30 Oct

This rare photo by Michael Hebert shows a Saints defender somewhere near Peyton Manning.

In their last game of October 2011, the Saints fell to the Rams in an absolute debacle. The Who Dat Nation cringed at the Rams’ outplaying of a (supposedly) superior team from New Orleans. They began to lose faith, and many questioned the playoff chances of a team who could drop a game like that in such embarrassing fashion.

And yet, the fanbase would be treated to eight consecutive regular season wins, a division title, and an ill-fated run Deep Into The Playoffs.

See where I’m going with this? You like what I’m getting at? Then fuck off. Not on this blog, folks.

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Why a Pass/Run Balance Still Matters

15 Sep

Posted by @ReidG75 of SaintsWin

Reid and the Angry Who Dat took a twitter discussion to long-form.  Read AWD’s argument to the contrary, posted earlier today, here.

It’s a simple proposition, really: a relative balance in pass/run attempts is a residue of winning teams, and getting some sticky, winning residue on you is always a smart idea.

Before I continue … Yes, the debate about offensive balance is beaten to death and clichéd and oft-repeated and mostly annoying.  But that doesn’t make it irrelevant.  To dismiss it as such would be to miss the larger point.

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Why Balance Is Not Necessarily Necessary

15 Sep



Wow.  I posted this on Canal Street Chronicles yesterday.  Buried in a post that was meant to be humorous was this line:

The Panthers were right to abandon the running game, gaining less than a yard per carry on those 12 rushes. You can fix play-calling, especially when you’re facing a team that has trouble stopping the run. I’m not sure you can fix a complete inability to run quite so easily.

Ugh, that was sloppy.  I should have said, “I’m not sure you can so easily fix…”  Anyway, to be fair, I was really just talking trash about the Panthers’ running game.  But I did mean what I said.  They were right to abandon the running game in those circumstances.  A few took exception to that statement (and I’m not talking about the silly troll in the comments, I’m talking about folks on twitter that actually have some idea what they’re talking about).

One of them was Reid G. from SaintsWin, and I proposed a challenge.  Take this to long form, homie! BLOG FIGHT! (His post is here if you somehow missed it.)

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