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.200 Never Felt So Good

9 Oct

This shit happened Sunday. Really.

Wow, I have to tell you, that was well worth 43 bucks, am I right? It seems like I was miserable at times during the second half, but in hindsight, that might have been the best game (objectively, regardless of my fan affiliation) I’ve ever watched in the Dome. It was incredible. I try to imagine being impartial and I know I’d say “damn, that was pretty fucking entertaining.”

That game had it all, didn’t it? Two records, one a 52-year-old unbreakable benchmark*, the other a team record that I had absolutely no clue was about to be broken. It had turnovers, good defense at times, great offense at times, big plays from both teams, a back-and-forth affair where probably each team’s fans felt like this thing might be out of reach at some point or another.

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A Taste of Normal

14 Jul

A Falcon fan reacts to news of Drew Brees’s signing.

Holy fuck. Thank you, [insert diety of your choice here].

Yesterday was a beautiful day, wasn’t it? I don’t have to tell you that. It was magical, exhiliarating, normal.

I know, normal is a troublesome word for a day in which a franchise that’s never really had a great quarterback signs a quarterback to the richest deal in the history of tackle football, but I think it makes sense.

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7/17: The Day Logic Dies

11 Jul


Don’t be this lady. Get ready for the end.

Holy Shit. Five days. Tick, tick, tick. Who ever thought it would come to this? No, you didn’t. Stop it.

Just a few days ago, I’d say you were crazy if you told me that Brees hadn’t responded to an offer made weeks ago. But that’s what Florio’s reporting, and regardless how you feel about him, he’s been pretty spot-on so far this offseason. If that’s true, it’s a big deal. You can’t negotiate further if you don’t first turn down the offer on the table.

Let’s get this out of the way before I start getting shitty: I think Brees will sign a long-term tender by this weekend. My reasoning is simple: he’d be a damn fool not to. Yeah, I’m moving on to the shitty pretty quick today. I’m a little pissed off, honestly.

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It’s Almost Over (the arbitrator rules)

3 Jul

The celebration is near.


Well, of course there is. It’s right here.

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The SportsJoes Podcast

24 Jun

The Angry Who Dat records his first podcast

Another first for the Angry Who Dat: this morning I joined the Sports Cajun from SportsJoes.com for a chat.

We talked bountygate, of course, the Brees contract situation, how the fuck Mike Florio became the voice of Saints fans, and what to expect from the 2012 season (hint: not 6-man blitzes with 40 seconds left in a playoff game).

Hit the link below to listen, and don’t forget to follow @SportsCajun on twitter.

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Bountygate: A Fan’s Attempt to Move On

20 Jun

Yesterday evening, the NFL characterized the already-infamous “Dog the Bounty Hunter” slide designed by Gregg Williams as “a poorly chosen and ironic example to use, but life plays havoc on us at times.”

Life plays havoc on us at times. That could be the New Orleans Saints’ official motto for offseason 2012.

I’m not writing this to critique the bounty evidence. This has already been done effectively (and humorously) via several media, including Canal Street Chronicles. What I would like to do instead, if you’ll indulge me, is explain my thought process as I absorbed the information, and my reasons for making the decision to move on.

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Bloggers’ Roundtable: The Drew Brees Contract

18 Jun
The Angry Who Dat convened a few Saints’ bloggers to discuss the current state of the Brees’ contract negotiations. Over a 24-hour period The Angry Who Dat, Andrew Juge from the Saints Nation blog, Grandmaster Wang from moosedenied, and @ReidG75 from SaintsWin discussed a variety of topics surrounding Brees. 

Topics ranged from the contentious state of negotiations, Brees’ twitter account, and speculation on what a season without Brees would mean. 

What follows are highlights from a long, rambling email thread.  Trust me, you’ll prefer the Cliff’s Notes version.

Keeping Score: The Drew Brees Scoop

13 Jun

We all know this: criticizing the media is among Saints fans’ favorite pastimes, especially in an offseason like this one. As the big Drew Brees contract (non-)story broke late last Wednesday and into Thursday morning, I had a good time keeping track of who was siding with who among the Legitimate Media [tm-Wang], and I called it “Keeping Score”. Now, I was just joking – but it got me thinking.

We debate endlessly on forums and comment threads as to who in the media is trustworthy to break Saints stories or predict games, and some are even willing to write legendary, comprehensive dissections of the biggest story of the year. But perhaps we should be keeping score. Let’s settle the debate, once and for all (Yeah, right).

Follow the link for the scoring system breakdown, and my highly subjective and unscientific analysis of the players in last week’s Drew Brees Buildup to Nothing.

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Much Ado About Nothing

9 Jun

Mike Silver be blockin' da "twitta ganstas"

What a shitty week.

I mean, it’s been a crazy offseason already, and the last thing we should (or even have the right to) do is ask for more excitement.  As Who Dat Social club points out, perhaps we didn’t know how good we had it during the other 29 offseasons of boredom and waiting and discussing draft picks that didn’t have a chance at making it in the big time.  Yes, Angry Reader, I know exactly when the Saints were founded, but I’m not as old as you, and that wasn’t a typo.  A lack of excitement isn’t what we got this week, however – it was a week of epic buildups, heightened twitter activity, and avatar disabling, all for nothing.

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Ledger-gate? Ok. Let’s look at the Carolina game.

2 Jun

Carolina Panthers defensive tackle Damione Lewis (92) battles New Orleans Saints tackle Jermon Bushrod in an NFL football game in Charlotte, N.C., Jan. 3, 2010. Carolina won 23-10. (AP Photo/Nell Redmond)

As you probably already know, Jason Cole is reporting that the league has a copy of a ledger in which the Saints defense recorded their bounty payouts game-by-game.  Pretty amazing evidence if it does exist.  An unnamed source has it.  We can’t see it.  And names haven’t been released, although some games have been identified by sources who aren’t sure exactly what game we’re referring to here, anyway.

It just keeps getting more ridiculous, doesn’t it?

The Who Dat Social Club has broken down the recorded injuries to offensive players in 2009, the year the ledger was supposed to have been maintained.  Not exactly convincing evidence there, folks.

Notably, sources known only to Jason Cole initially told him that three 1,000-dollar payouts were recorded for the Bills game that year.  Stories changed quickly as Florio debunked that idea – showing that of the four Bills players who left the game, three were defensive.

The story changed: now we’re told that the Panthers game on November 8, 2009 was the big three-payout event. Problem? Only one player was injured, a linebacker.

But, not to worry, the Angry Who Dat has nothing better to do with his Saturday morning than dig out a copy of the Panthers game (I still have the 2009 season on DVD) and see what transpired.

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