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Weird Science: Abusing the NFL Mortality Study

9 May
“Hitting people makes you live longer. You’re welcome.”

The league’s propaganda machine is working a full-court press these days.  It’s actually pretty impressive, in a dark, disgusting way.

The Angry Who Dat has never been against improvements in player safety, even rule changes to make the game safer and help these athletes to compete (and live) longer.  The Saints themselves have demonstrated an ability to be physical and lay impressive, roar-inducing hits, in spite of rules protecting defenseless receivers, et al.  The rules aren’t killing the game, and memes describing “flag football” and the “death of the game” and the “wussification of America” are completely ridiculous.

I only want to see the league address these issues legitimately and without hypocrisy.  Don’t scapegoat a team to produce a piece of favorable evidence against lawsuits (“See, we went after those bad, bad Saints”), the whole while pushing an 18-game season and talking out of the other side of your collective mouths about how the game is safer, children should be playing, and hell, football players are healthier than the general population anyway!

No, really, that’s what they’re saying.

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