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Ledger-gate? Ok. Let’s look at the Carolina game.

2 Jun

Carolina Panthers defensive tackle Damione Lewis (92) battles New Orleans Saints tackle Jermon Bushrod in an NFL football game in Charlotte, N.C., Jan. 3, 2010. Carolina won 23-10. (AP Photo/Nell Redmond)

As you probably already know, Jason Cole is reporting that the league has a copy of a ledger in which the Saints defense recorded their bounty payouts game-by-game.  Pretty amazing evidence if it does exist.  An unnamed source has it.  We can’t see it.  And names haven’t been released, although some games have been identified by sources who aren’t sure exactly what game we’re referring to here, anyway.

It just keeps getting more ridiculous, doesn’t it?

The Who Dat Social Club has broken down the recorded injuries to offensive players in 2009, the year the ledger was supposed to have been maintained.  Not exactly convincing evidence there, folks.

Notably, sources known only to Jason Cole initially told him that three 1,000-dollar payouts were recorded for the Bills game that year.  Stories changed quickly as Florio debunked that idea – showing that of the four Bills players who left the game, three were defensive.

The story changed: now we’re told that the Panthers game on November 8, 2009 was the big three-payout event. Problem? Only one player was injured, a linebacker.

But, not to worry, the Angry Who Dat has nothing better to do with his Saturday morning than dig out a copy of the Panthers game (I still have the 2009 season on DVD) and see what transpired.

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