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.200 Never Felt So Good

9 Oct

This shit happened Sunday. Really.

Wow, I have to tell you, that was well worth 43 bucks, am I right? It seems like I was miserable at times during the second half, but in hindsight, that might have been the best game (objectively, regardless of my fan affiliation) I’ve ever watched in the Dome. It was incredible. I try to imagine being impartial and I know I’d say “damn, that was pretty fucking entertaining.”

That game had it all, didn’t it? Two records, one a 52-year-old unbreakable benchmark*, the other a team record that I had absolutely no clue was about to be broken. It had turnovers, good defense at times, great offense at times, big plays from both teams, a back-and-forth affair where probably each team’s fans felt like this thing might be out of reach at some point or another.

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The Opponents’ Mailbag: Chargers

6 Oct

It’s back for another week.  At least one.  Shit, this is getting depressing.

Positivity next week, right?  Yes.  Record-breaking 1-4 positivity.  Let’s do this.  As usual, if you think the Opponents’ Mailbag is stupid, here’s some really hot Chargers fans I found on the internet.

If you’re on the fence, I promise some great stats will make an unexpected appearance, and there are whale vaginas, and there’s other languages and I’ll let you know why the Saints might win but probably not, and I’ll make fun of lots of Chargers fans.  Come on, it’ll be great.

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