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Much Ado About Nothing

9 Jun

Mike Silver be blockin' da "twitta ganstas"

What a shitty week.

I mean, it’s been a crazy offseason already, and the last thing we should (or even have the right to) do is ask for more excitement.  As Who Dat Social club points out, perhaps we didn’t know how good we had it during the other 29 offseasons of boredom and waiting and discussing draft picks that didn’t have a chance at making it in the big time.  Yes, Angry Reader, I know exactly when the Saints were founded, but I’m not as old as you, and that wasn’t a typo.  A lack of excitement isn’t what we got this week, however – it was a week of epic buildups, heightened twitter activity, and avatar disabling, all for nothing.

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Your Questions for Sean Pamphilon

1 Jun

If you missed it, Sean Pamphilon conducted a lengthy, and at times, bizarre interview with Larry Holder and Gus Kattengell on the Sports Hangover on 690 AM today. Here’s the audio, courtesy of WIST on twitter.

He also wrote a lengthy, sometimes-bizarre blog post this morning, entitled “When You Kill The Head, The Body Doesn’t Die,” telling his side of the story, and attempting to justify his releasing the Gregg Williams audio. 

Pamphilon has a strong desire to tell his story, and now says he’ll answer The Angry Who Dats’ questions (yes, that was plural).  In a controlled, civil, written format.

Submit your questions for Pamphilon below, or shoot me an email.

I’m not going to tell the guy he’s a douchebag or cuss him out.  So just save that nonsense for twitter. 

I have some questions about his account of what transpired, and I think you do too.  He wants to get the truth out there, and he is willing to talk to whoever will listen, and answer some questions – the ones he hasn’t been asked by the Legitimates.  I respect that, if nothing else.

I’m not going to take it easy, but I’m not going to berate the dude either.  The Angry Who Dat is excited.  Have a good weekend!

Journalism and Motivation

1 May
Another Saints blogger working diligently to bring you the truth.

I promise: this will be short.  No self-masturbatory indulgence, or whatever the hell that dude at the back table in the Social Club accused me of last week when I wrote more than he could read in one sitting.

First of all, I’m not a conspiracy theory guy.  Really, I’m not.  But people do things that benefit themselves, advance their own careers, make themselves money.  Look no further than Sean Pamphilon for evidence of that inevitable fact of life.

Over the last two weeks or so, your good buddy John Barr at ESPN rose to fame on the back of an imaginary monkey on Mickey Loomis’s back, was ridiculed by the entire nation, and vanished as quickly as he appeared. 

 It was a ridiculous story that he concocted (and that I will not link to in any form), of the Great and Scandalous Loomis hacking phone servers and rewiring communications devices to learn his opponents’ every secret (evil laugh here).  Never mind the silliness of the very idea that a GM would gain something from gameday communications between staff of another club and somehow use it to his – or his coaches’ – benefit.  Never mind the mediocre-at-best record the Saints posted in home games during the period in question.  To be fair, the Saints did drop to 3-13 when he stopped using the devices (allegedly, says the writer who is full of shit and doesn’t want to get sued), but there were some other factors in play, y’know?

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Pamphilon and Williams: Scum Exposing Scum

6 Apr

Maybe the only good guy left.

Audiotapegate?  Team meetinggate?  Speechgate?  What should we go with today?  This audio tape is such garbage.  It has produced the best faux outrage of any development in the bounty saga, and that’s saying a hell of a lot.  When a guy named “QBKilla” on twitter started hollering about the most “egregious thing in the history of the game,” the hyperbolemeter quit working.  “<<Error: hyperbole unmeasurable>>”  The media are piling on, again, and boy, isn’t the timing perfect.  Shut up.  Everyone just stop it.  Stop pretending every new development is shocking.  The only thing shocking about the Gregg Williams audio was just how bad Gregg Williams was at pregame speeches.  Jesus.  No wonder our defense sucked.  “Uninspiring” is an understatement.

Realize something: I’m not saying that I like what Gregg Williams says in the video.  That needs to be made clear.  If you can’t win a game without targeting another players freakin’ ACLs, you probably aren’t doing your job very well (and we all know the quality of Williams’s work over the last two years).  Sure, it happens a lot.  The Giants targeted concussions specifically within a week of this speech, it was reported heavily, and nothing happened.  Bounties have existed for years; just turn on NFL network for a few minutes and I’m sure you’ll see a pretty lame Top Ten countdown glorifying them in some way between ridiculously-long commercial breaks.  That said, no amount of history or the existence of any culture excuses Williams’s speech.  He was out of control, a lunatic – and I’m glad he is no longer in New Orleans.  But he’s not the biggest piece of trash we’ve heard from in the last 24 hours. We’ll get to that soon.

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