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On Social Media

30 Jun

I know.  I haven’t written shit in a week.  Newsflash: there’s nothing to write about.  I’m as bored as you are.

So I’ve spent some of my usual reading-Saints-stuff-and-maybe-writing-about-it time this week on twitter.  Ok, yeah, I do that every day anyway.  Whatever.  Something happened the other day that got me thinking, and I feel the need to write about it, and it’s only marginally Saints-related, and it’s going to be long as shit, and you’ve been warned.

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Drew Brees, or… A Crummy Commercial?!

11 Apr

Oh, the irony.

Yesterday we, the Who Dat Nation, held our collective breath. For about 4 hours. Drew Brees was up next on ESPN! To talk about contract stuff!!!! OmG!! We’ll never get those 4 hours back, because it was all for squat. He was having a press conference to promote his celebrity golf tournament next month. After hours of delays, we got the clip. “Yes, we’re working diligently on a long-term contract that we hope can get done sooner than later, and in the meantime, I just got a few grand for tricking you all into watching ESPN for the entire afternoon.”

Disclaimer: That might not have been an exact quote.

Now look, I don’t have anything against Drew Brees. He’s my hero too. This contract stuff is just business, it’s a little unprecedented, and it takes time. I get that, and I’m not angry (not about that, anyway).

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